Are Chiefs and Pirates undermining these loyal guys?

tebogo moloi

It seems Kaizer Chiefs Football Club and Orlando Pirates Football Club are not interested in developing their own prodigal sons. Doctor Khumalo and Tebogo Moloi are the 2 guys that are known to have been loyal to their respective teams from their playing days up until today where they are offering their loyalty and experience to their teams. The problem that they are facing now at their teams is that no one believes in them and they are being pushed further backwards.

Doctor Khumalo has been with Chiefs since he was a kid and has been around as an assistant coach to a lot of coaches who came in and left Kaizer chiefs but he is still there not complaining about major things. He has gained a lot of experience as an assistant coach and he feels now it is the time he be given a much better role in the team. Truly speaking he deserves to be the Chiefs coach now and how he was not given the opportunity is still unknown.

Tebogo Moloi on the other hand has also been part of Orlando Pirates since he was a kid and up until today he has been around as an assistant coach to a lot of coaches who also came and left Pirates. Tebogo has also gained enough experience which enables him to be a Pirates coach.

The similarities between these 2 former players is a coincidence and now all football fans can see the bad treatment they are receiving from their teams. A few of the coaches whom they worked with as assistant coaches were given chances coming from the same football background as them. Roger De Sa is also a former professional player and he was given a coaching chance by Bidvest Wits Football Club. Roger came and coached Pirates while Tebogo was there, Roger left the team and his other assistant coach at the time Eric Tinkler was given a chance to coach Pirates. Now Eric is also gone but Tebogo was not given a chance, instead Muhsin has now taken over as Pirates coach.

Doctor Khumalo on the other hand has assisted Stuart Baxter. Baxter left for an opportunity in Europe before coming back to coach Supersport United Football Club. Steve Komphela was roped in to replace Baxter. Doctor Khumalo worked with Steve and now has been deployed to the youth structures.

Steve Komphela is also a former professional player like Roger, Eric, Tebogo and Doctor. He was given a chance to coach teams in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and now he is coaching Chiefs. Why Doctor Khumalo was not given a chance to coach Chiefs is still unknown.

Currently South African football fans are not aware where Tebogo Moloi is working at Pirates. His friend Doctor Khumalo has also been deployed to the youth structures, which means it will take more than 10 years for him to be given a chance as a Chiefs coach.

What is it that these 2 have done not to be given chances that others are getting in their own home teams? Doctor Khumalo and Tebogo Moloi deserves a chance to coach their teams. They have enough experience. If their teams cannot give then chances, who else will believe in the guys? It seems Chiefs and Pirates are undermining these guys.

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