Are you learning a thing or two?

Molefi Monaisa is one of the great actors in South Africa. On Skeem Saam he is known as Wallet. His role on Skeem Saam as an educational one to a lot of young South Africans. His use of the English language on the soapie is more than great. He commands the language very well and every day I learn a thing or two while listening to him.

Molefi is also a poet. He is very popular in the country for his role in the daily soapie on national TV, Skeem Saam. The soapie is an educational one to the South African youth as it deals with a lot of issues ranging from relationships, education, responsibilities, and a lot others.

Millions of viewers are glued to their television weekdays from Monday to Friday at 18h30 on national TV station. The soapie has managed to be popular since its first year on television and viewers are increasing each and every day.

There are a lot of talented actors on Skeem Saam and they are all enjoying popularity in the country. The soapie is one of the best in the country and a lot is still expected from the soapie. The characters makes the soapie more fun and it is the number one watched soapie in South Africa.

South African entertainment industry is one of the growing industries in the world. A lot has changed since the introduction of initiatives by the national broadcaster to use only local content on national TV stations. The introduction of the initiative provides power to the local actors and productions.

The country has had a few productions being included in the international awards. The country’s talent has created a lot of interest around the world, with a few of local productions to be sold to foreign TV networks. The deals are still in negotiations and if all goes well, the deal will open a lot of doors for the local market on international stage.

South Africa is a country with a lot of talent and the world is about to recognize the talent in the country. We just have to produce top quality productions and actors. We just have to be patient enough to be on top of the world as the talent is there and just need top quality management and leadership.

With actors like Molefi on our television on a daily basis will also help our youth to learn a lot of things in life through television. The man is what South African television needs. He still has a lot to offer the country and the youth in general. He just needs a lot of chances to showcase his talent in the country. He is one of the actors who would definitely take South African entertainment industry to the rest of the world. He is our own talented actor.

As South Africans, we must learn to recognize our own talented actors. We must not wait for the world to ask about them while we tend to ignore their qualities. Molefi is a great talent and no doubt about that.

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