Benni McCarthy planning on becoming a Pirates coach

Benni McCarthy was a great striker in the history of South African football. He has proven each and every record he holds as a prolific striker. He still holds the record of a leading goal scorer for the national team and not current striker is near breaking the record.

Benni has a UEFA A Licence and is currently busy with UEFA Pro Licence which he will complete in 2017. He said that after completing the licence he will then challenge for a coaching job and he is planning on coaching Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana.

Benni McCarthy is a well-known soccer personality and a lot of people around the world loves him. For him to be involved in coaching will mean a lot to a lot of his fans. It is actually a good idea for former football players to get involved in the game as a coach or anything that involves development of the sport.

Benni is never shy to speak and he always dreams big. For him to plan his coaching career, it shows that with every dream, one can fulfill their future only if they are determined to do so. Benni is a self-motivated individual who works extra hard for each and every achievement he has reached so far.

He is a true role model to a lot of people and he has shown the world how to behave as a professional both on the field of play and outside soccer. A lot of young players today look up to Benni McCarthy as their hero and they are working their way up to emulate him. For South Africa to have people like Benni it means a lot.

As football fans, we cannot wait for Benni to fully become a professional coach. We are sure he will make a difference in the development of South African football. He has gained enough experience as a player and we feel now it is the time he shares his experience with young footballers around the country.

Our national team needs Benni’s experience and he should be used in a lot of development strategies which will benefit the national team. Our football has deteriorated over the years due to lack of quality personnel that can help to with new strategies to develop football and Benni is one of the people who are capable of doing that as he proved it as a player.

We should emulate top ranked football countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, and others who are making sure they use all former footballers to help in their national teams. Why we are behind on this fact is still a misery. We have a lot of former footballers who are currently doing nothing due to the fact that our football association does not recognize their talent and expertise.

Currently France are coached by Didier Deschamp, who was a player for the same national team. He has done well as a player and a coach and a lot is still expected from him in the coming years. South Africa has Benni, Lucas Radebe, Neil Tovey, Andre Arendse, just to mention a few, but they are not being used to help in the development of football.

Surely Benni will open door for a lot more former football players to consider coaching as a new career.

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