Bloemfontein Celtics strengths and weaknesses

Bloemfontein Celtics Football Club is one of the teams that have managed to win a few trophies in the Premier Soccer League (PSL). The team enjoys one of the best support from their fans in the country. Whenever they play, their fans are always singing and encouraging the players even when the team is losing by 4 goals to zero, they don’t give up encouraging their team. Celtics is a team based in Bloemfontein, Free State Province. Let us look at their strengths and weaknesses.


Celtics’ strengths are on their goalkeeper, central defenders and their midfielders. The team goalkeeper Patrick Tinyemb is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier Soccer League (PSL). He has helped the team in a lot of occasions. Tinyemb is a Cameroonian by birth and has been at Celtics for more than 5 years which qualified him to be registered not as a foreigner in the PSL. Although his height is questionable, he has dealt with all aerial balls perfectly and it is not easy to replace him as a Celtics goalkeeper.

Their central defense of Justice Chabalala, Rikhotso and Alfred Ndengane is a rock. It is not easy to get past him and a lot of goals that Celtics has conceded come from the sides/wings, not from the central defense. It is about time that we see the 3 in the national team setup. Their time will definitely come.

In midfield Celtics are very patient in buildups and they are very quick. The likes of Kurt Leintjies, Lantshane Phalane, Musa Nyatama, Thapelo Morena, Shikweni, and the rest of the players are very talented and they are very skillful. What excites about Celtics is that they don’t like playing the ball backwards. Most of the time you will see Celtics trying all tricks to move forward with the ball. The game can end without a midfielder passing the ball back to Tinyemb. Celtics strengths are more in the middle of play.


Celtics’ weaknesses are on their left and right backs, wingers and their strikers. Their left and right backs are not that quick when it comes to tracking back when they have lost possession. Most of the time they move forward without communicating with their central defenders and they tend to lose possession easily. Their crosses to their strikers are not quality.

The wingers especially Thapelo Morena tends to hold on to the ball for too long. Lakay on the left has a tendency of over dribbling. If they can be able to pass each other very well, Celtics should be one of the title contenders. Holding on to the ball for too long is not wise for a professional player.

The strikers are not good enough to convert chances. Most of Celtics’ goals are scored by midfielders. The striking force of Celtics is a problem. Zuma has tried all his best and he is not that bad, but when it comes to scoring goals, he has failed dismally.

Solution to their weaknesses

In the transfer window during the off season, Celtics has managed to release a few players and signed top quality players who will be able to help the team win trophies in the new season.

Cheslyn Jampies will add value in the left back position. He has proved to be a better player with Cosmos last season although the team was relegated from the PSL to the NFD. He has all the abilities of marking, moving forward with the ball, and also scoring goals.

The team has acquired the services of the following players to reduce their weaknesses: Dean Hotto, Atusaye Nyondo, Mpho Maruping, Sibusiso Mxoyana, Tlou Molekwane and Khethokwakhe Masuku.

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