Bongo Maffin back in South African music

With the return of local iconic group, Bongo Maffin, South Africans can look forward to the revival of good, authentically local music.

And to ensure that they are on the right path, the group is forming the right kinds of relationships.

And if there’s one thing we know, it is that the best way to achieve success is to have the right people and relationships helping you along the way.

To quote some of our favourite stars, “teamwork makes the dream work”.

And if that is true then the relationship between Bongo Maffin and Oskido is a match made in heaven.

The two musical forces have joined their power to create something magical.

And although this is not the first time they will be working together, things will be very different now.

Oskido and the Bongo Maffin band members, Thandiswa Mazwai, Stoan, Speedy, and Jah Seed have known each other since 1996.

In the beginning, Bongo Maffin singed to Oskido’s label, Kalawa Jazmee as artists being managed by a record label.

Now, the two parties have joined forces and are now equal partners.

There is no word as yet regarding exactly what the partnership entails but we are pretty sure it’ll be good for our ears.

The deal was signed yesterday and Oskido says it was a historic day in South African music.

“It is important for the stakeholders in the music industry to be adaptable and empowering,” he said.

“We’ve grown from teenagers signing as artists with KalawaJazmee. Now we are equal partners co-writing this Bongo Maffin Chapter. A toast to the future,” said Stoan.

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