Bundu and Makhense to help unite the people in Limpopo

Plea from Limpopo comedy fans is for Bundu and Makhense to collaborate in producing the best comedy ever for the people of Limpopo and South Africa as a whole. The 2 comedians are very popular for their comedy productions around Limpopo and other provinces as well.

Makhense is part of the Mafenya Brothers production which is well known for their comedies and their funny music. The production has produces a lot of comedies and music albums over the years. Makhense’s real name is Solly Makamu who is the owner of the production.

Bundu is part of Bvumo Productions which specialize in comedy. He has been part of the production since the early 2005s. Bundu is known for his funny acts and he is very popular alongside Mbungu and Mpiriri, his daughters on Tshovhilingana comedy. Bundu’s real name is Ntambudzeni Rasendedza.

The last time Bundu featured in comedy was 2 years ago and he recently indicated that he was not planning on producing more comedy due to piracy. He told our website that he has a lot of productions waiting for publication, but the problem with piracy is hindering the release of those comedies. Piracy is indeed a concern for our entertainers in the country as people are no longer interested in buying the original DVD which is a bit expensive as they prefer the cheap pirated DVDs.

From the research that we conducted in the Limpopo province, people are asking for Bundu and Makhense’s production. The comedy fans around the province are very well sure of the talents the 2 comedians have. The fans are saying that for South African comedy to stand on its feet, the 2 should collaborate and produce the best ever comedy in the country.

Currently the South African comedy industry if full of standup comedians and a few comedy movies. Bundu and Makhense portrays talents that are not questionable. They are both more than funny and identical in doing their things in their movies. The difference is their languages. Bundu’s comedies are in Tshivenda language while Makhense’s are in Xitsonga language. The collaboration of the 2 languages will also help to unite the rife between the 2 nations in the province. There is a lot of bad blood going on between the Tsonga and Venda speaking people in the province that was caused by the government’s decision to change municipalities in the region.

The collaboration between these 2 talented comedians will be of great importance to the unity of residents in the province. This should do well as the comedians are very funny and people will be able to laugh together instead of pointing fingers to one another.

South African comedy is full of comedians copying American comedians and the introduction of Bundu and Makhense in the industry has helped a lot as their style of comedy is pure South African and not copied from somewhere else. The 2 comedians should be used by authorities to reunite the people. South African people must unite to bring the best out of South Africa. There is no need to fight one another for invalid reasons. This is the plea from people for Makhense and Bundu to come up with something that will help the Venda and Tsonga speaking people to be friends and families again like they did before.