Cassper Nyovest reacts to haters for mocking him for not winning the BET award

Ever since Cassper Nyovest returned empty handed from the BET Awards that took place in Los Angeles last month, he has not caught a break on social media.

Last week, he got dragged on Twitter with fans creating hash tags such as #CassperNyoEmpty and #CassperBETdololo just to mock him.

This time, when a troll tried to poke fun at him again, the Baby Girl hit-maker was not having it and he swiftly put him in his place with a stinging clapback.

Cassper was caught up in the World Cup fever that currently has a firm grip on every soccer fan in the world last night and tweeted about the penalty shootout between Russia and Spain.

One user saw an opening to throw one more BET joke at Cassper, but this time he was ready for it.

“They missed (penalties) just like the way you lost BET,” the troll tweeted.

“Yup!! And guess what? They all going back to their mansions and sports cars just like I did,” Cassper replied.

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