Chiefs’ fans on Steve Komphela

Steve Komphela is one of the coaches who are under pressure to deliver. Recently the team signed a lot of players for the new season, but they are yet to prove to their beloved fans that they are capable of delivering for the team. There are a lot of undivided sections of fans currently regarding Steve’s current situation.

Some fans are asking for his release as Chiefs coach and some are asking for patience. Those who are asking for his release are citing him using a lot of senior players who failed to deliver for him last season instead of using the new young talented players. Those who are asking for patience from fellow fans are citing that the new players still needs more time to gel and understand the Chiefs culture. Day by day Chiefs fans are losing hope in that their team will once again be one of the powerhouse in the PSL.

After losing his first game of the new campaign against Wits, Komphela indicated that the players failed to apply all the tactics given to the before the game and they lacked confidence. He also said “Wits were more prepared than us and they were much better on the ball unlike us. The boys rushed in to making decisions without analyzing situations”.

Another unsatisfied section of fans indicated that Stuart Baxter won them a league title and a trophy with average players. They also said that Steve is still using older guys who are not good enough for modern football. “The older players are too slow for the current situation at PSL. There are a lot of young players who are very fast in the league and our players are failing to match these youngsters. Steve should start using young players who were signed during the off season, so that the team will be able to match other PSL teams. If not then the team will finish the season without a trophy again”, said one Chiefs fan after their game with Bidvest Wits.

There is also a section of Chiefs fans who are asking for the return of Stuart Baxter. They indicated that Stuart is the only coach who is capable of rescuing Chiefs from their current situation. The question that should be answered is that of the availability of Baxter to coach Chiefs again.

During an interview on a sport show on national TV, Stuart indicated that he served Chiefs well and though it was time he moved on with his career. It was quiet clear that he was no longer interested in coaching Chiefs again. There are a lot of factors that led to Stuart leaving Chiefs. One of them being the inability by management to acquire top quality players. Another one being the interference by Bobby Motaung on certain matters that do not require involvement of the management. These factors conclude the fact that Stuart will not be available to coach Chiefs soon unless certain changes are done at management level.

A section of fans who are even boycotting to attend Chiefs games indicated that if Chiefs is still led by Bobby as a team manager, they will suffer until he resigns or move to another position. They also said that if Chiefs loses 3 next league games, they will consider boycotting all Chiefs games.

The question still remains unanswered. Is Steve good enough for Chiefs or not?

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