Chippa United strengths and weaknesses

Chippa United Football Club is officially one of the dark horses in the PSL and with the way they showed football fans how the game is played last season, a lot of teams are still going to suffer against this team. The team has beaten teams that are regarded as top teams in the PSL last season. The team has managed to retain their PSL status and for the new season they will be gearing for a trophy and definitely the league championship or the top four spot. The team has managed to gather all the talented footballers any new team could dream of. Let us look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Chippa United team.


Chippa’s strengths are in their coach, left and right backs, wingers and midfielders. Their coach Dan Malesela is of the few local coaches doing wonders for their teams in the PSL. He has managed to build a team that understands his tactics and the way football should be played. Whenever the team is playing, you will never be disappointed with the type of football they display on the field of play. Last season, Malesela guided Chippa United to position 6 in the elite league of South African football.

Chippa’s left and right backs are very influential to make sure the team performs well in the midfield. They are always there when the team is attacking and when they are under attack from opponents. The tactics for the left and right back to be involved in all aspects of the game is working very well for the team.

Chippa’s wingers are very fast and can create a lot of scoring chances within a few minutes. If teams are not careful, the wingers can cause a lot of damage to their careers. Most importantly they can also score goals from the wings. It is very difficult for opponents to track them as most of the time they play from deep in midfield, then spread to the wings when the team is moving forward.

The midfield of Chippa United is as good as for any team in the world. Although they are still establishing themselves as football players, they really play one of the best football in the country.


Chippa’s weaknesses are in their goalkeeper and strikers. Their goalkeepers are not experienced enough to trade in the PSL. They tend not to position themselves well whenever they are under pressure. Chippa has conceded a few silly goals that were not supposed to be goals because of their goalkeepers.

Chippa’ strikers are not converting the chances that are provided to them by their wingers. The wingers are always working hard to provide them with clear scoring opportunities. Even when the Chippa is leading by four goals, their strikers have already missed about 5 clear chances.

Solution to their weaknesses

Chippa United management has signed 16 new players who will be playing for the team in the new 2016/17 season. The team has gathered enough players to make up for their weaknesses.

The most important positions to be filled are the goalkeeper position and the striking force. If they can manage not to concede silly goals and be able to score upfront, then Chippa will definitely win silverware in the new season.

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