Cleaner who can read and write wanted

REQUIREMENTS : ABET literacy; must be able to read and write. Recommendations: Physically fit to

comply with the demands of the post
DUTIES : Cleaning office corridors, elevators, wards and boardroom by: Dusting and waxing

office furniture, sweeping, scrubbing and waxing of floors, vacuuming and
shampooing floors, cleaning walls, windows and doors, emptying and cleaning of
dust bins, collecting and removing of waste paper, freshen the office areas.

Clean general kitchens by: Cleaning of basins, wash and keep stock of kitchen utensils.
Cleaning the restrooms by: refilling hand wash liquid soap, replace toilet paper,
hand towels and refreshners, empty and wash waste bins. Keep and maintain
cleaning materials and equipment. Report broken cleaning machines and
equipment. Cleaning of machines (microwaves, vacuum cleaners etc.) and
equipment after use. Request cleaning materials.

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