DJ Dino Bravo was a cleaner before becoming a DJ

DINO Bravo needs no introduction.

He is one of the country’s biggest DJs and has been in the game for over two decades.

The Stay Real hitmaker, who was born in Cuba, has worked with many music local legends such as Danny K, Kabelo Mabalane and Mapaputsi. He told SunBuzz he became a DJ by chance.

When he came to Mzansi in 1994, he landed a job as a cleaner and waiter.

Dino, whose real name is Vladimir Bravo, later visited a popular club in Yeoville, Joburg.

“The music was playing very low at the club, so I asked the owner where the DJ was,” Dino said.

“The owner pointed to the DJ, who was drunk and snoozing in the corner.

“My friend knew that I loved music. He suggested that I replace the sleeping beauty.

“I had no prior experience behind the decks but the owner told me he would pay me for my efforts.”

Dino did his magic and was hired on the spot. He earned the 9pm to 7am slot at Club 51.

His popularity grew and he started getting other gigs at various clubs. His career blossomed after he was spotted by DJ Fresh.

“I met DJ Fresh at Calabash. He liked my style of music and we exchanged numbers.”

A few months later, Dino got a call from DJ Fresh, asking him to come and play during his segment from Monday to Thursday on YFM.

“When DJ Fresh joined 5FM, he called me again and asked me to deejay during his show,” he said.

“Euphonik, Kent and I were the first DJs to spin the decks the UltiMix at 6, where I played for two days.”

When DJ Fresh left 5FM to join Metro FM, Dino Bravo received another call. Dino Bravo currently delivers The Breakfast Mix on Metro FM from Mondays to Fridays.

He said his dream has always been to uplift Mzansi musicians.

“I help young up-and-coming artists by buying them recording equipment,” he said.

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