Don’t say these things to your lover

As lovers we tend to forget how we say things to each other and sometimes what we say hurts your partner. What you say to your partner might also be the factor to decide if your partner will love you more or not. A relationship is hard work.

10 things you should never say to your partner:

  1. ‘Why are you dressed like that’?

He/she bought those clothes because he/she liked it and there is no reason questioning how your partner dresses. He/she feels good in those clothes. Only is you have the money to buy her/him a whole new wardrobe then you may talk to your partner for changes, but it is unlikely they would agree with you. Keep your comments about your partner’s dressing code to yourself and love your partner for who she/he is, not what she/he wears.

  1. ‘My ex was better than you’

If you are tired and looking for a way out of your relationship then it is fine to say this as your partner will definitely be sure he/she is not good enough for you. Your ex is your ex and your current partner has nothing to do with your ex. Your partner does not want to hear about your ex.

  1. ‘He/she is just a friend’

It is normal for your partner to question you spending too much time with a friend of the opposite sex or you being too friendly to that friend. Respect your partner’s worries. Cut down on your over-friendliness and spend more time on building wonderful relationship with your partner. Your partner will notice any inconsiderate that you bring in your relationship and it will mean a lot. Instead of being a little insensitive, reassure your partner about the love you have for him/her. Don’t lose trust of your partner.

  1. ‘You are always too busy for me’

Unless your partner spends more than 24 hours at work, with friends or anywhere away from you, then you have the right to tell him/her. Form nowhere, if you say it then you should know you are bringing trouble in your relationship. Don’t sound like you have nothing going on in your life. Your partner is an individual, not an extension of you. You have your own life to look after and your partner is there to help you realise your dreams together.

  1. ‘You would have not done that if you really love me’

Are you saying your partner does not love you? Did you mean what you have just said? A relationship should not have terms and conditions. If your partner tells you the same thing one day, how are you going to feel? If your partner dumps you because of these words then don’t be surprised. You are definitely a loser and if you continue that way, you will be lonely for the rest of your life.

  1. ‘This song reminds me of my ex’

Again your ex is in the picture. Your partner is not in your picture. Are you still stuck in your ex? If so then it is better to end the current relationship and try to win your ex back and remember not to repeat this again when you are with your ex and you tell him/her about your ex.

  1. ‘Nothing wrong, I am fine’

Your partner is worried about you and your behavior says it all. Don’t say what you don’t mean. If something is bothering you tell your partner about it. Women tend to fall on this trap. You must learn to verbalise your thoughts instead of harbouring them.

  1. ‘Let’s hit the gym’

Are you telling him/her that they are overweight? How was he/she when you first met? Why should they change how they are because you are now dating? Be careful.

  1. ‘Relax don’t overreact’

Find a perfect was to calm your partner down than saying this. It does not make sense.

  1. ‘Remember you are not that beautiful’

Really? Then why are you in a relationship with him/her? It sounds you are hurting your partner but in the mean time you are telling him/her that you are stupid.

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