Former Uzalo actress to educate people about her skin condition named vitiligo

However, through the years, she’s learned to live and lover herself even more regardless of her skin condition.

Speaking to Drum Magazine, the actress first knew that she had vitiligo (a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells) at the age of nineteen.

“It was pure ignorance on my part. In fact, I didn’t even know what it was until I became pregnant.”

However, her skin condition took a serious toll on her when she lost one of her triplets in 2012, the loss of her child in addition to the vitiligo caused a lot of strain on her.

“I was left with too many questions – I cried, prayed and I blamed myself. It was a double tragedy for me as I had to deal with my skin condition at the same time.”

But with a lot of support from her friends and family, Leleti has gained a lot of confidence throughout the years and has decided to not to cover her white patches with makeup, especially considering that she’ll now be acting on etv’s latest show – Imbewu.

“I used to cover my white patches with make-up but for Imbewu I will not be covering it. People will see me without the makeup. My plan is to educate people about vitiligo but I also don’t want to do a half-job. I’ll be doing educational talks on vitiligo and I’d obviously want the talks to have an impact,” said Leleti.

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