Funny Stuff about Osita Iheme and their industry as a whole

Nigerian movies are so funny that you can repeat watching them each and every day. Below is a few things that are funny about Nigerian movies and you must watch out for these things:

  • A flashback plays for 40 minutes. True the flashbacks are so long you will definitely skip them. You may even fall asleep before the movie starts.
  • The millionaires have gate men instead of electric gates. True, why the rich use gate men instead of installing electric gate? What is better for the rich between gate men and electric gate?
  • Females wake up with earrings and make up in the morning. How on earth can someone sleep with earrings and make up? This makes me laugh whenever I watch these movies.
  • When Patience Ozokor wants to poison someone, she first taste the poison but never dies. Funny isn’t it? How can you taste the poison and still remain alive?
  • They cut the grass with a panga instead of a slasher. A panga cannot cut grass no matter how you may try. They must get a slasher for new movies, it does not make sense.
  • 20 years later in the movie but the family dog is still alive. How possible can that be? A dog cannot live that long, at least it was a ghost dog that would make sense. Very funny.
  • A ghost looks both sides before crossing the road. Very funny, how can a ghost be scared of dying again?
  • People always ask for a menu at restaurants but they end up ordering rice and chicken. Really what is the reason for asking for menu while you know you will eat rice and chicken? They should ask for rice and chicken instead of asking for menu.

I enjoy watching these movies all the time. The actors and storylines are very good. The industry is growing each and every day. I have lots of Nigerian movies and I am still going to buy more. They are very entertaining. I also encourage people to watch the Nigerian movies.

My plea to the producers if possible they must produce more and more of those movies especially the comedy ones. Nigerian comedy is the funniest, even the American ones cannot match them.  My favorite actors are Osita Iheme, Chinedu Ikedieze, and John Okafor. Those guys are funny themselves, you look at them and laugh before they speak a word. Every movie they are in is so funny.

Nigerian movies that involves ghosts are so scary. There is too much magic involved and African magic in those movies. Although some makes sense, a lot of them are not well planned as the people with supernatural powers are given too much power than the rest. Even though they don’t make sense, I always find myself watching them. Maybe the language and the beauty of female actors are the main reasons I always find myself watching them. I wonder if there are Nigerian action movies. If there are any I would also like to watch them one day. In general a lot of South Africans loves Nigerian movies.

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