Generations actresses not talking to each other in real life

GENERATIONS: The Legacy actresses Manaka Ranaka and Andisiwe Dweba allegedly can’t stand each other.

According to insiders, the actresses who play cousins (Lucy and Getty, respectively) in the SABC1 soapie are no longer on talking terms.

This as Getty is rumoured to be angry because her real-world lover is allegedly having an affair with Lucy’s younger sister and Metro FM presenter, Dineo Ranaka.

Alleged the first source: “Getty recently discovered that Dineo was seeing her man, Igazi actor Andile Nebulane (Jonga in the drama series), and Lucy knew about it but said nothing.

“This is sad because Getty had always treated Lucy as a sister off set since moving to Jozi. They were very close.”

The second source insisted that Andile and Getty, who’d been dating for five years, ended the relationship recently after news of the “hanky-panky” began doing the rounds.

A third mole claimed Andile and Getty’s relationship was doomed the moment they moved from Cape Town to Jozi to pursue their acting careers.

“When Andile joined’s Hustle drama series, he and Dineo were brought together. That’s when they began dating behind Getty’s back,” the source claimed.

“They’ve been seeing each other since, to a point where Dineo even introduced him to her family. Lucy was aware of this, but kept quiet about the affair.”

Claimed the fourth source: “Getty was very hurt when she learned about Dineo. She felt Lucy should have said something since she knew about the many struggles she and Andile had overcome in those five years.

“Getty felt betrayed because she respected Lucy and saw her as a sister. But can you really blame Lucy? She was caught between a rock and the hard place.

“As bad as this situation is, there’s no way Lucy could’ve watched her sisters kill each other.”

A fifth insider said Getty decided to cut off Lucy because she blamed the actress for Andile and Dineo’s affair.

“Getty took the whole saga badly because she felt the sisters were making a fool of her,” the mole claimed.

“Even worse, Lucy and Getty have become very tricky to work with on set at the same time. Their personal problems are affecting us and them.

“They need to find a solution because they act together in most cases, as cousins, in Generations: The Legacy.”

When called for a comment, Andile confirmed he had dated Getty, but denied
his alleged affair with Dineo.

Said Andile: “I’m a very private person. As for the names of the people you mention, I respect them too much.

“Obviously, we dated for a long time, but it was a private matter. That’s why we’ve been private about it. I’m not sure who came to you and why. Andisiwe is now like a sister to me.”

Getty insisted: “Yes! Andile and I dated, but we’re now close friends. Manaka is a very good friend and colleague of mine. I don’t talk about my personal life in the newspapers.”

Yesterday, Dineo said: “Guys, do me a favour. If if you don’t have anything to talk about regarding my career, leave me alone. For the record, I’m single.”

Lucy was not available for comment.

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