Generations’ new actress to tie the knot with Dr. Musa soon

Well, here’s a plot twist that nobody saw coming.

It seems like TV presenter, Dr. Musa Mthombeni is head over heels in love with SAFTA-winning actress, Thuso Mbedu.

Or were his rather suggestive tweets all a joke?

We think not.

Musa has publically asked for Thuso’s hand in marriage and for her to mother twelve of his children, not once, but three times on social media already.

The two stars were posing it up on the SAFTA’s red carpet this past weekend and it looks like that was more than enough to seal the deal for Musa.

“I’m ready to risk it all. Ready to default a few home loan repayments here. Ready to move to the homelands and start farming. Ready to be a father of 12,” Musa said with a picture of himself and Thuso at the awards.

As if that wasn’t enough to have tongues wagging, Musa went on to post several more pictures of the two of them and captioned one of them: “Look at the mother of my 12 children”.

And just when we were recovering from that tweet, Musa came through with a love letter to the actress.

“Hi @ThusoMbedu , I need the address for the delivery of the cows for next week. Uncle Madluphuthu will be there at 8am sharp. It’s not a negotiation. Whatever your family wants they’ll get,” Musa said.

Musa has also been retweeting just about every tweet from or about Thuso’s SAFTA win this past weekend.

We’ll take one ticket to the wedding, please!

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