Get to know Gabriel Temudzani AKA Chief Azwinndini Mukwevho of Muvhango

Gabriel Temudzani was born in Tshivhilidulu, Venda, Limpopo on the 10th February 1980. His role on Muvhango as Azwinndini is a representation of how Venda kings are like in real life. Temudzani is enjoying his role and the role still have more years to be on Muvhango.

For his role, Gabriel has to learn a lot by visiting kings and chiefs in Venda area so that he gets the knowledge and all the information regarding his role on Muvhango. He joined the Muvhango crew in 2000.

Gabriel is an actor and a TV presenter. His role on Muvhango is his first on national TV and since then he has never looked back as that paved way for him being a TV presenter on La Familia on SABC 2.

In real life Gabriel is a married man and has only one wife unlike on Muvhango where as a chief he has multiple wives. He indicated that he does not like it when people talk about his family as he is also a human being and have a life just like everyone.

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