Get to know Liteboho Molise AKA Teboho of Muvhango

Muvhango actress Liteboho Molise is a talented actress. She started her acting career on SABC 2 sitcom, Skwizas. She got her Muvhango role when she impressed the producers during the auditions that were held in Lesotho in 2011 when she auditioned for Carol Chabedi’s role.

Liteboho was born in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho in a remote place called Fokothi. She studied political sciences and business administration on which she managed to complete at the University of Lesotho in 2011.

During her stay in South Africa, she hooked up with a businessman Thabo Twala from Mpumalanga and they have a baby girl from their relationship. The child was born in 2015. She lives in Johannesburg with her husband and daughter.

Her Muvhango character Teboho is very interesting as she is always in heels with her husband Mulalo. The 2 are always arguing over and over each and every episode. Muvhango is on SABC 2 weekdays at 21h00.

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