Get to know Vusi Kunene AKA Jack Mabaso (Mbulazi) of Generations The Legacy

Vusi Kunene as Jack Mabaso (Mbulazi) is one of the key actors on Generations the legacy and is one of the reasons viewers have now forgotten about the original Generations that was discarded due to actors demanding unreasonable wages. Vusi has been in the acting industry for ages and is very talented. A lot of us grew up while watching him on a few dramas on TV long time ago.

Vusi has appeared in 25 films and television shows since he entered the entertainment industry back then in 1993, meaning that he has 23 years’ experience in front of the camera and the production crew. Vusi was born in Meadowlands, Soweto on the 12th April 1966. Vusi is a family man and is the opposite of his Generations character.

Vusi has also won a lot of awards over the years and he is one of the actors who helped channel the current salaries that are earned by South African actors. Vusi became popular with films such as Running Wild, Friends, Cry, and Beloved Country, back then in the 90s. Vusi is the fans favorite especially female viewers of all casts he has been involved in.

Apart from acting, Vusi is a calm, respected, lovely, and most importantly a family man who loves his family and the people around him. He has a soft heart and is always available to provide advice to young actors who are new to the industry. He enjoys mentoring young people about everything he knows and is not selfish.

His Jack Mabaso role on generations the legacy is his latest offering in the TV industry. The notorious Jack is the experienced man who has all the connections in the business world including the law. He controls people in a way that they end up asking themselves a lot of questions without answers. On the other hand he has a soft heart and pretends to love people.

Catch Vusi Kunene as Jack Mabaso (Mbulazi) on Generations the legacy weekdays at 20h00 on SABC 1.

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