Has anyone ever seen him in a sober state?

Emtee is our of the best hip hop artists in South Africa currently. The boy has won a lot of awards in the South African music industry and managed to pocket over R1 million in total from the winnings. He has also pocketed a lot of money for his album which managed to get him a lot of gigs and sales.

Although his music career seems to be going well, the boy is not really taking care of himself and his career. In a lot of occasions Emtee has been looking drunk and a lot of his fans has noticed it especially in the awards and gigs. A lot of fans are even indicating that they have never seen him looking sober at all. Personally I have never seen him sober also.

Is he the next artist to exit the music industry earlier? If he does not change his public appearance state then a lot of people would say yes his career might come to an end sooner. If he continues appearing drunk on national television that will also affect his career badly. He will lose a lot of money due to his public conduct. No sponsors will sign him to represent their brands. No company in the country that will associate with him for promotions and other related things.

If his public conduct was not suspicious, he would have been signed by a lot of sponsors and partnering a lot of development initiatives in South Africa right now. He has won everything that the companies cannot wait to associate with him, but nothing serious has been happening on those aspects which actually brings us to the suspicion of drunkenness on national activities.

The last time it was reported that he was seen carrying a container of petrol on the freeway meaning that he ran out of petrol while driving. If this was true then there is definitely something wrong with the young musician and he should seek for professional help as soon as possible before losing out on lifetime opportunities. It is not wrong to drink, but it is wrong to appear drunk in public as a role model to a lot of young people who look up to his achievements for inspiration.

South African music fans loves Emtee very much and they cannot afford to lose him due to bad misconduct. Emtee should consult a lot of legendary musicians for advice. There are a lot of musicians who have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and they are still going strong due to good behavior the likes of Oskido and the rest will be able to help him. He must also move away from bad friends. It does not matter how long he has been friends with his current friends, but to save his career and his life, he must get rid of bad friends now.

This is a great concern for his fans. It is not too late for him to change his acts. If the fans are wrong on these suspicions, then he should prove to them that he was never drunk on public appearance. If that is how he looks, then we should also apologize to him for these suspicions.

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