Kaizer Chiefs’ Bobby says they achieved a lot under Steve Komphela

Despite not winning trophies during coach Steve Komphela’s three seasons at Kaizer Chiefs, football manager Bobby Motaung believes there’s a lot that they achieved.

Motaung, in fact, feels the new coach Amakhosi will probably announce this week will reap the benefits of what they’ve built in recent times with Komphela, who has been appointed by Bloemfontein Celtic for the upcoming season.

Komphela parted ways with Chiefs after the Nedbank Cup semi-final defeat to Free State Stars. They finished third to book themselves a spot in next year’s CAF Confederation Cup.

“I think what’s interesting is that people look at the cabinet, but it’s not about the cabinet only. We’ve achieved a lot in terms of strengthening and structuring the team, together with the youth academy and everything,” Motaung said.

“And also the team that was built, unfortunately we did not win any trophies but there’s no regret in terms of last season for us. The only thing is that we did not win trophies, but if you look at the performance, the team, the energy, the age groups and the work that has been put into the team, we’ve done pretty well. I would be worried if we were fighting relegation. I mean we are in the Confed Cup now, we played the Nedbank Cup semi-final, we played quarterfinals. Any coach who comes in now will reap the benefits.”

Chiefs were hoping to get a new coach on board last week, but they are yet to make any announcements. Now heading into their second week of pre-season training, Amakhosi will be hoping that they have someone to start working with the team.

The season is just a month away from starting, so there’s not a lot of time.


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