Kalawa our last hope for Kwaito revival

Everyone in the country can easily witness the talent that Kalawa Jazmee has in the music industry. The stable is the best in South African music industry. They produce all common music genres.

Our only plea to Kalawa is for them not to stop producing Kwaito music. Kwaito is part of the country’s struggles. People love Kwaito music. Today we no longer have a lot of Kwaito songs on national radio. We used to hear a lot of Kwaito music in national radio in the early 90s and the late 2000s. Since when we heard a new well produced Kwaito album?

Our Kwaito artists are no longer giving us what we love. They seem to have forgotten about us and it is very disappointing not to hear from the likes of Tokollo Tshabalala, Mdu Masilela, Arthur Mafokate, Tkzee, Trompies, Alaska, and many more great Kwaito artists. A message to them is straight forward “Please give us Kwaito music, we love kwaito and we are very disappointed to hear some sort of fake music on our radios everyday”.

Kalawa Jazmee is our last hope so far. The stable has been there for Kwaito music, from inception to now Kalawa is still doing their best to produce sound Kwaito music. The likes of Professor, Spikiri, Brothers of Peace (BoP), and a few others have managed to provide us with the good and original taste of Kwaito music.

Kalawa Jazmee has a lot of artists and they provide quality music in all genres. Kwaito is still alive today because stables like Kalawa knows the value of Kwaito to them and the South African nation as a whole. Kwaito music played a role in making sure that South African youths of all races are united. The music also played an important role for expressing the feeling of joy when the new government was elected in 1994 in South Africa.

Since the early 2000s, there has been a lot of new music that has braced our country and it seems these music will kill our own genres like Kwaito if we don’t do anything about it. The new genre which is known as South African Hip Hop Music is taking the country by storm and a lot of people are much glued to this new music style which in most cases is a mixture of Kwaito and American Hip Hop style. This genre is surely killing the originality of our Kwaito music as they are remixing all good Kwaito tracks.

As a Kwaito fan I feel like our genre is not up to the standard so far. We must do something about this before it is too late. Kwaito cannot just disappear. This music genre must be protected, and the only way to protect it is by making sure our Kwaito artists produce good Kwaito music. We must do all we can to promote our music genre.

For this music genre to stay at the top, we also need a radio station that is dominantly Kwaito station. We must also encourage a few shows on television or if possible a Kwaito TV station that will deal with Kwaito music and its issues.

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