Kwaito and Thabo’s Real Lives

The Skeem Saam boys are really enjoying their acting careers. They are now popular because of the soapie on our national TV. Apart from acting, they also have their real lives. On the TV screens they seem to be confused boys and not really know how to solve problems they face, but in real life the boys are not bad at all.

Kwaito’s real name is Clement Maosa. He was born in Mankweng and grew up in Senwabarwana Limpopo. He is 28 years old and he is a qualified lawyer. He got his acting career on Skeem Saam after impressing the producers of the daily soapie. He enjoys acting and is still not ready to practice as a lawyer.

Thabo Maputla’s real name is Cornet Mamabolo. He was born in Limpopo and moved to Johannesburg in 2004. He grew up with a dream of becoming a performer or a biotechnologist. He studied at the Wits University where he graduated in Bachelor of Arts in the drama arts.

Kwaito and Thibos are loved by South Africans as they are popular due to their acting in Skeem Saam. They are also planning to get more roles in the South African TV industry and the movie industry. The 2 are very similar when it comes to choices of what they would like to follow for their growth and future in the South African entertainment industry.

Clement is also planning to release a Kwaito album. He is very passionate about music and he is a great dancer. The album will be released in the next 2 years. Clement is an outgoing guy and when growing up he used to talk a lot. While at primary school, Clement was known to be active in dramas and singing. He is also a fan of South African football. He support Bafana Bafana only.

Cornet is planning to have his own movie production. He is very passionate about being a director and he is working on his dream of producing top movies and TV series in South Africa and probably for the rest of the world. He grew up as s shy boy and those who grew up with him said he was not that talkative. His likes watching theatre productions and he is learning a lot of things regarding directing and producing top quality movies and other related things.

Skeem Saam is on air weekdays at 18h30 on national television. A lot of the soapie’s fans enjoy watching Kwaito and Thabo in action. They seem to attract young fans wherever they go to. Young fans believe Kwaito and Thabo are still teenagers. They do spend time with their fans as they believe fans are part of their careers.

The 2 have a bright future in the South African TV industry. They just have to work very hard and not let fame take over who they really are. A lot of actors tend to lose focus on their career when they start being popular in the country. Most of them end up using drugs and abusing alcohol. Thibos and Kwaito are really positive about their acting career and they are looking forward to give their fans more.


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