Kwaito star Spikiri is worried about his future

Just because one is a well-known star, it doesn’t mean they automatically don’t worry about the future.

Just like Tebe, Spikiri is worried about what the future may hold. More especially since a lot of his peers are passing away so suddenly. Speaking to our source, he shared how he worries about who might die next.

“We are losing so many friends. Today you get a phone call, and tomorrow you are burying them. We just have to be grateful for every day,” said the mega producer. When asked if he’s started putting measures in place to take care of his family in the event of his demise he said, “I don’t even want to think about that. I still have to raise my children. God has told me that it is not now. I am not ready to go.”  

It is too soon for the vet to even be thinking of going anywhere.

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