Lamontville Golden Arrows strengths and weaknesses

Lamontville Golden Arrows Football Club has been playing in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) for a while. They were once relegated to the National First Division (NFD) and managed to bounce back. The team has won a few trophies in the PSL and they also managed to finish most of the league campaigns in the top eight. The team comprises of a talented squad which is capable of winning trophies in the PSL. Over the years the team has gone through a lot of changes in the coaching department. They are now under the guidance of Clinton Larsen. Let us look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Golden Arrows team.


The Arrows’ strengths are in their coach, goalkeepers, midfielders and wingers. Coach Clinton Larsen has managed to implement his tactics without any problems in the team. The players understands his philosophy and are used to his way of coaching. Larsen’ style of playing is all about attacking football. One thing you will never see Golden Arrows do is for defenders to just kick the ball upfront without any purpose. He has also earned great respect from the players and management. He acts as the father and brother to the golden Arrows players and they feel free to explain each and every problem they encounter in life.

Their goalkeepers, Mbaeva and Langervelt are great players. They are equal in qualities and are very experienced in elite football. Although each and every players has times of mistakes, Mbaeva has managed to play an important part in making sure the team does well in the PSL.

In midfield, Arrows has great players who are capable of making sure the team’s engine functions according to expectations. The team’ style of play is much disciplined and the midfielders are always aware of any attack that may arise due to them losing possession easily. The most important aspect of their play is the way they share the ball with each other going forward and also helping the defenders when they are under attack.

The wingers are also world class players. The likes of Kudakwashe Mahachi, Sibiya and Sithole are capable of getting past any defender without difficulties. They also provide their strikers with quality crosses. They can also score goals to help the team win whenever they get chances to score.


Arrows’ weaknesses are in their defense and the strikers. The defense is not that solid. Most of the time the centre backs are caught tracking to deep when under pressure, instead of closing gaps and making sure their opponents don’t get chances to shoot to their goalkeeper. The left and right backs are not that good when it comes to marking their opponents. The Arrows defense is one of the worst in the league and most of the time their mistakes are covered by their goalkeepers.

The strikers are not that lethal upfront. With the supply of crosses they receive in games, they should be leading goal scorers if they can manage to score goals. The strikers play too deep. They join from the midfield, which makes it difficult to crack the defense of opponents. They lack a strong no 9 who will be able to hold the ball upfront for midfielders to join in and be able to score goals. The team’s style of play requires a well-built no 9 who will be able to win all aerial balls and be able to hold the ball for team mates to join in.

Solution to their weaknesses

The team management has managed to sign new players to minimize their weaknesses and also to make sure the team keeps on performing well in the elite league. The team has signed Vuyani Ntanga, Lerato Lamola, Wayde Jooste, Limbikani Mzava, Cliffton Miheso, and Lee Langerveldt. These players will add value to the team. Arrows will be capable of challenging for a trophy in the new PSL season starting on the 23rd August 2016.

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