Lesson about Caster’s achievements

Caster Semenya is a South African athlete who recently won the second Gold medal for the country in the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil. Caster’s achievements at the Olympic games in Brazil was hailed by all South Africans including government officials. The 800m Olympic champion’s road to the Gold medal was not a walk in the park.

Caster has had a lot of criticism from all spheres of the world regarding her being a bit advantaged compared to other female athletes. She has gone through a lot of pain in her career due to certain countries claiming some sort of foul play regarding her participating with other women.

One would have expected Caster to be discouraged by those allegations but instead, she was motivated and encouraged by those allegations. She never threw the towel and she showed the world what she was all about when she won the country’s the second Gold medal at the Olympics after Wayde Van Niekerk collected the first one.

Caster is an inspiration and a role model to young athletes who are preparing themselves for professional achievements in the athletics world. Even though she faced the criticism and a lot of controversy, she managed to collect herself only for one thing in her mind which was winning her country a medal at the Rio Olympics.

Young people and adults should learn from Caster’s achievement that one could achieve their goals even though there could be obstacles. If Caster managed to come top against the world, each and every human being is capable of achieving their dreams if they are determined and self-inspired.

A message about Caster’s achievement is that each and every human being, no matter what situation they are in, they can be able to turn things their own way. No one can stand in your way if you know where you are heading. Be positive in your goals and make sure you don’t listen to those who are not inspiring you. Never ever listen to negative people as they may end up discouraging you.

The moment you start realizing that you are the only person who could make or break your own life, you must only stay positive. In each and every achievement, there are always obstacles and one must be aware of these negativities. If Caster could prove to the world that everything they said about her was just another way of pulling her down, and manage to overcome it, each and every human being should just accept that no matter what you do, not everyone will be pleased.

If possible Caster should be used to encourage all young people in schools around the country. They should be able to hear her story and be motivated. Caster is indeed a true ambassador. The country must be able to use her in every possible way instead of using unrelated people to motivate students.

The country is very proud of caster and Wayde Van Niekerk and other athletes who represented the country in the Olympics. In these athletes, the country has discovered role models, motivators, inspirational people that will be able to add value to the lives of young trouble people in the country. Indeed the country was blessed by Caster’s achievements.

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