Micasa’s J Something used to clean studios before being a singer

Musician J’ Something, real name Joao da Fonseca, may be a star who has everything going for him today but his life has not always been this smooth.

Back in the day when he used to “manage, clean and prepare a music studio” for other big local artists, he had no idea he would one day be a big star himself.

Although he was just “honoured to be in the presence of these stars,” no doubt he had bigger dreams for his life.

The Mi Casa star shared in a post on Instagram how his family reached out to his recently discovered cousin at the time to help him.

“He was in the music business so my family obviously reached out to him and guilt tripped him into at least listening to my music. At the time I was doing gospel acoustic music that really wasn’t any good … he listened and tried to help but it really wasn’t his forté and if I am brutally honest I just wasn’t good enough at the time,” he wrote.

After getting his Bcom, the singer again linked up with his cousin in Joburg who helped him find his feet.

“I guarantee you that the ambition of trying to get me a job had nothing to do with music.

“I ended up managing a studio and cleaning the studio rooms and setting them up for the big stars that walked through the doors (people like Hugh Masekela, Joyous, Brian Temba,Jamali, Sipho Hotstix, etc),” he added.

J’ Something ended the post by showing gratitude to his cousin who judging from the story, played a massive role in his career.


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