Ntshumaleyo banned

Orlando Pirates Football Club midfielder Thandani Ntshumayelo has been banned for 4 years from playing his favorite game which is football. This comes after reports that an Orlando Pirates player has tested positive for a banned substance, and faces a possible long term ban. The South African Institute of Drug-free Sport has confirmed last month that an unnamed player from the Mayfair-based club has tested positive for cocaine following an appearance in an official Premier Soccer League match last season. Bucs football administrator Floyd Mbele has confirmed that the club received a letter requesting a player to undergo further testing following the initial doping test, but was unable to confirm the player’s name. Our sources at Pirates revealed to us that the player might be Thandani Ntshumayelo.

Ntshumayelo was tested again and was found guilty of using cocaine. No people are wondering whether he would return to top flight football after the expiration of his 4 year ban. The midfielder also faces expulsion from Pirates and will have to leave without compensation as he will not form part of the team for the next 4 years.

Is it the end of Ntshumayelo’s football career? In current situation it is yes, even if he would be interested in returning to top flight football around September 2020, no team would like to associate themselves with a player of such a bad reputation.

The South African football has been having problems with a lot of young players using banned substances over the years and most of them end up on the streets without any form of supporting themselves and their families financially.

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