One of the underrated coaches in South Africa

Dan Malesela is one of the local coaches who are coaching in the Premier Soccer League (PSL). He has shown all the qualities that a football team should have and a lot of people are questioning why he has not been given a fair chance in the past.

His team Chippa United has transformed into one of the best teams in the PSL and they are also contenders for the league title. The team is performing miracles on the field of play. They have quality players who are able to play according to the technical team’s instructions.

Dan Malesela is not a man of many words and whenever he speaks about football he is always on point. He does not put his players under pressure. He motivates them to perform according to their capabilities. He provides players with a platform to showcase their talents under instructions.

Dan Malesela believes that football is about the basics and thinking. He said in an interview on a local radio station “a football player should not play under pressure but should be able to think when under pressure. That is the only way the players will perform at their best.

He continued “hard trainings and deep tactics does not make one a better player and a better coach. It is up to the thinking. It is up to the planning. Players should be able to come up with strategies while on the field of play. It is all about providing them with the necessary support for them to play professional football.

In five years’ time, Dan Malesela would be one of the best coaches in the country and he will also be provided with a chance to coach the national team. Indeed he is a talented football coach.

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