Our television soapies in real life

We are glued to our TVs on a daily basis to watch our favorite soapies because we enjoy each and every action that takes place on each episode. I just want to check some storylines that were used in our soapies if in real life they really exist or not. Some of the storylines are very educational, some are very interesting, and some are out of this world because they don’t exist at all.

Let us try and compare a few storylines from our lovely soapies to real life:

  1. Muvhango
  • Ndalamo is currently busy trying to lure Nthabeleng to leave James forever to be with him. The storyline is very interesting but there are a few loopholes on it. How on earth can you allow a person that you know is after you to destroy your relationship? How did Nthabeleng allow Ndalamo to destroy her relationship with James? James has been trying by all means to fix his relationship with her, but she seems not interested and she is aware of Ndalamo’s influence in her decision to separate with James. She allows Ndalamo to call her and even invite her for dinner. Ow is James supposed to act like he never noticed anything between the 2 of them? What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to trust her and believe that there was nothing between her and Ndalamo? If Ndalamo can manage to win Nthabeleng to be his girlfriend, will he trust her?
  • Thandaza was kidnapped but no action was taken. The storyline was very boring though.
  • The ghost Mr Mashudu Mukwevho. Knowing the stories of ghosts, how did Mr Mukwevho managed to enter his own house in a strange way but failed to disappear when there were people who were not supposed to see him in the house, instead he was hiding. It is strange, is not it?
  • The Chief, Azwinndini is a respected chief but he is failing to be a chief and husband to her other wife Vele who is campaigning for a Mayoral position against her husband’s relative. How on earth is the chief going to be able to advise Vele if he is unable to say no to everything she asks for in front of his other wife? On the other hand how can Suzan be so easy and not concerned about her husband’s behavior towards Vele?
  1. Generations The Legacy
  • Karabo was allowed to be married to 2 husbands, Tau and Zola. In any culture, not only African, I have never heard of a woman who is allowed to have 2 husbands. It does not make sense at all. The storyline was supposed to let Zola die before marrying Karabo to respect all cultures on planet earth. At least it would have been sound.
  • Jack Mabaso on the other end, he was declared dead but now he is back as Jack Mbulazi. How on earth can that be possible in one country? He died here and he is back here again now with new Surname and obviously new ID book. Why are they investigating him against all other faults except how he managed to get name changes? It does not make sense at all. They should have started by clearing him on name changes first before other charges. Then it would at least make sense. Although jack has a lot of bad side, he is a great father indeed, he treats his children much better than most Pastors and Priests in real life.
  • Mazwi on the other end, is confused on what to do, either to marry the new Cele girl or to marry Nolwazi. He has to choose between the 2. Whether he goes for love or to protect his family business, we don’t know what he will choose. That makes sense, big up to the storyline, it is very interesting and we are looking forward to watch more episodes to see what will transpire.
  • The wool that Lucy is supplying to jail for blankets production, a good idea and very interesting storyline, except the drug part of it. In reality it will never happen. The storyline if good indeed and an encouragement for people in jail to be involved in a lot of projects to learn a few skills to prepare themselves to start their new lives when they are released.
  1. Skeem Saam
  • This is one of the best soapies on national television currently running in South Africa. The storyline on each and every character seems real and very interesting. Although I did not understand the easy acceptance of Jama on Ayanda sleeping at Emkay’s place. He did not care what happened meaning that he will not care again if he encounter a problem with her during their relationship, if she will go and sleep at his place again. The storyline should have been a bit harsh on Ayanda regarding her going back to Emkay.
  • Charlie is one of my favorite characters and he makes the soapie very interesting. Also his friend Wallet, the character fits them so well. One would believe that they are like their characters in real life.
  • The boring characters is Thabo and Enhle. Their parts should be excused sometimes. They are always repeating the same mistakes and now it is boring. Interesting acting although.
  1. Rhythm City
  • The soapie is very interesting. There are a lot of facts in the storylines but a few slipups on Dandala and his daughter. The kidnapping part between Dandala’s daughter and his boyfriend has been dealt with in a nonsense way. It does not make sense for a girl to go back to his boyfriend after witnessing the bad part on his side as he was very violent and there was a time when he was not caring for her anymore as he was interested in collecting money from Dandala and leave the country, she was not going to be part of his life after that. He was going to either kill her or abandon her, so how on earth can she convince herself that she is in love with him? Anyway the storyline is interesting but that will never happen in reality.
  1. Scandal
  • The soapie is a very good one and most of the storylines seems like reality. Well done to the writers and producers of the soapie. The only concern though is that of Lucas Nyathi and his ex-wife. How on earth can he team up with an ex-wife on serious issues involving family members? We do understand that she is also part of the family in the other way but to team up with her against Hector does not make sense to me, also with the fact that she was Hector’s girlfriend. In reality Lucas would have not allowed her to be involved with him or else if he ignored that, he would have not allowed her to interfere with his plans to destroy Hector. She would have been in limbo regarding Lucas’ plans regarding hector. Hector’s plan was to kill Mangi, which Lucas managed to detect from the start. So involving his ex-wife to find out more on Hector’s plans does not make sense at all. The soapie is a good one and every day I look forward to watch what will happen next.my favorite character on the soapie is Mangaliso. The guy is very relaxed and does not takes matters seriously. If we are all like him in life there would be more growing families than divorces.

We discussed a few of our soapies. There are a lot more soapies on our screens on a daily basis. I have chosen the above as I watch them on a daily basis. We will discuss others in future. Hope you enjoyed the above analyses. Remember that everything that is written above is admin’s view and it should not be taken as a final analyses.

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