Pitso not happy about European teams dictating prices for our stars

With Andile Jali and Khama Billiat’s price tags been published over the week, most football fans are asking a lot of questions regarding them. Mamelodi Sundowns refused an offer of R25million offered by a European side to acquire his services and they cited the amount is very little considering the talent that Khama possesses.

On the other hand, Andile Jail’s team is asking for an amount of R24million for his services. Oostende, the Belgian side is asking for that amount for any team that is interested in capturing the signature of Andile Jali. Jali has also indicated the desire to leave the side on Instagram.

Pitso Mosimane, the Mamelodi Sundowns coach said “the money they are putting on the table for the services of Khama is too little, we cannot lose him for that amount. He is our best player at the moment. He is the current PSL player of the year and also players’ player of the year. So for them to dictate the price is an insult. We cannot part ways with Khama for that money”.

Pitso went on “these European sides do not have enough respect for African players. They dictate prices on us and when it is time for them to sell the same players, they will be asking for more than double the amount they bought the player. If we sell him to them today for that amount and Barcelona comes knocking at their door for his services next month, how much are they going to be asking Barcelona to pay? It is time we start respecting African players and treat them the same way as other players from other continents”.

“Sundowns should be the team giving them a breakdown of the amount we need for Khama, but instead they are telling us the amount they will give us for his services. We never told anyone we are selling him, he is still part of our setup and if any team is interested in signing him, they should be able to pay the amount we will be satisfied with. There is no doubt that Khama is a great player. He is definitely worth more than that”, Pitso told our source.

On the other hand, Oostende is asking for R24million for his services. How much did they pay Pirates to sign him? It seems Pitso is on point, they bought him for far less than that amount. They spent about R10million for his services. So now he is worth more than the initial amount they spent on him and they also added 40% on top of the 100% profit, meaning they are only interested in any team that will make them 140% rich for the services of Andile Jali.

Dr. Irvin Khoza indicated on a national sports show on TV that if Andile is disciplined enough and injury free, Pirates might also negotiate for his services if he is no longer interested to play in Belgium. He went on to say that if he wants out of the Belgian team due to discipline matters, Pirates will not tolerate such behavior. This simply means if Andile is not well disciplined, he will never be able to rejoin Pirates again even though he indicated the interest to rejoin the buccaneers again.

Now the question that needs to be answered is that of the amount the Oostende side is asking for the services of Andile Jali. It was reported last week that a team in the UK was interested in his services.

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