Plea to honour the legendary Colbert

Colbert Mukwevho is one of the greatest musicians from the province of Limpopo. The legendary musician is a Reggae artist who is very popular in South Africa and other African countries. The man has seen his up and downs but he is still providing us with beautiful music.

There seems to be problems with our institutions which are supposed to honour our musicians. Colbert has been in the industry for more than 20 years and still he is regarded as just like any musician. Youngsters came in the industry while he is still there and they have all been honoured while he was watching.  It is time we honour Colbert as he deserved the respect. Other provinces are ahead of us when it comes to honoring their musicians. The Kwa-Zulu Natal province is number one when it comes to honouring its musicians.

The University of Venda must be the first institution to honour our best musicians. The university is yet to honour musicians in the province but politically they have even honoured people who are not even from the province. Now it is the time we start asking for questions regarding this. This is disrespect to Colbert and us Venda people. We have been very supportive to everything the man has given us and our only hope to thank him is for him to be respected with an honour.

When I was growing up, I used to hear Colbert’s music on a daily basis. Today his music is still everywhere and people love him a lot. When are we going to attend a ceremony where we thank him for what he has done to us? When are we going to call him Dr. Mukwevho? The man has done all to be honoured and he is just waiting for us. Let’s surprise him with what he deserves.

I think it is time for the people of Limpopo to standup and ask why the man is still regarded as just a musician. Who are they supposed to honour if they are failing to honour the man of Colbert’s caliber? Is it because we are not used to ask serious questions on serious issues? Is it because our province is not that popular?

Seriously this issue must be dealt with sooner. We have been waiting too long for the man to be given enough respect in his own native province. This starts now and I hope this message can reach those who are responsible to do the right thing. What else is he supposed to do? As residence of the province, we deserve answers about this issue. We have been patient enough.

Colbert Mukwevho is the greatest musician. No questions and doubt about it. Everyone has heard his music in South Africa and it is time his role in the music industry is recognised. It is time for him to be proud of his contribution to the South African music industry and that can be through recognition. We cannot wait any longer for him to be honoured in a special way.

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