Remembering our fallen musicians

recently we just lost another musician Mandoza of the Nkalakatha fame. the man was still young and a lot was still expected from him regarding growth of the South African music industry. He was known to be followed by fans of all colours in the country and international community. mandoza served South Africa without any fear.

South Africa has lost a lot of musicians over the years due to death. As we all know that death is part of our journey in life, there is nothing we can do to change that. The country has produced a lot of musicians over the years and we have mourned some and we are still left with some. New musicians are also trying their best to contribute to the country’s music industry.

Who can forget the late Mhathini for the group Mahlathini and Mahotella Queens? The group was very talented and was known all over Africa and the rest of the World. The y had their own type of music which was similar to Mbaqanga. The passing away of Mahlathini robed us of great music we were used to over the years. We must always remember the group and play their music.

Who can forget the late Brenda Fassie? She was the best entertainer ever in the music industry in our country. Brenda was known for all sorts of things but the truth remains that re was who she was. She never hidden anything about her personal life. She lived her life just like her music career.

The Kwaito fraternity lost the likes of Mawillies, Nhlanhla of Mafikizolo, Makhendlas, Brown Dash, and Dr. Mageu. The list is endless, but they gave us great music which is still part of our lives. We will always remember them each and every day of our lives. No matter how we lost them, we are proud they left us with something to remember them for.

Jabu Khanyile was one of the great musicians, not forgetting Lucky Dube. They were all great in their own music and we really appreciate all the great music they left us.

We should have a day where we all gather and pay tribute to all our fallen musicians. Their contribution to the South African music industry is there for us to see. Some of them never had a chance to be celebrated while they were still alive, so it is also a good idea to celebrate them even now when they are no longer with us.

As South Africans we must learn to award all our musicians, no matter how big and recognized they were. We should be able to let the new generation that we had the best musicians in the country and their contribution was very important for the development and growth of the industry as a whole. If not us, no one will recognize our musicians. We are the ones to make sure their legacy continues through awarding their families and making sure their music is still part of the industry.

Another fact about our fallen musicians is to have a small like museum where the new generations and all other next generations should visit in order to know and learn about our fallen musicians. The information about them should have a safe place for everyone to access. This initiative will be able to help our country to store vital history about their contribution to the industry as a whole. We should be proud of our music and celebrate our artists all the time. This will make us identifiable for generations to come and even forever.


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