Rhythm City actress reveals she was abused

HLONI PADI plays the Rhythm City role of Palesa, who sheds light on sexual abuse.

Women are raped every day, but they don’t report it because of the way society reacts to rape victims.

They are made to believe that they deserve it – just like Palesa on Rhythm City.

The story line is a plea to stop normalising rape.

The 25-year-old actress from Clearwater in Joburg, revealed that she went through a similar incident.

But she told the People’s Paper she had to watch a lot of Yizo-Yizo to prepare for the role.

Hloni said: “Palesa is bubbly, full of confidence and dresses the way she wants.

“When she was sexually abused, people claimed that she asked for it because of her outfit.

“But they forget that rapists rape women – not their outfits.

“That’s why many rape victims don’t speak out, because they’re being judged already.”

Hloni told SunBuzz she learned a lot from playing this character.

“Instead of feeling scorned, we should fight the rape stigma.

“I went through a similar ordeal some time ago. After playing the role, I realised how many scars I’ve been carrying with me.

“This was the beginning of my healing process. I evaluated myself and saw that I was over it,” she said.

Hloni said most rape victims feel dirty and blame themselves – it shouldn’t be like that.

Because it’s not their fault that rape isn’t taken seriously by the government.

The actress joined Rhythm City last October and says she’s having the time of her life and is growing as a performer.

When she’s not on our small screens in the soapie, Hloni is making music.

  • She is a house vocalist and has a song with Da Capo, titled Thando Lami. Rhythm City airs weekdays on e.tv and eHD (OpenView Channel 104) at 7pm.

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