Sbahle Mpisane’s weave stolen while she was unconscious

Fitness Guru Sbahle Mpisane was involved in a fatal car accident that landed her in coma last week.

IOL reports that an unknown woman who witnessed the accident, snatched Mpisane’s weave hairpiece off her while she was unconscious and ran off with it.
This is according to Brian Dube, who helped extinguish the fire which engulfed Mpisane’s car, helping save her life.

“It was about 4.15am. I opened my window and saw the horribly crushed car. I noticed there was a lady in the vehicle.’ Dube told The Independent.

Dube said he had no idea it was the well-known Mpisane, saying before he reached the vehicle, a woman rushed towards the car and “grabbed the weave off the injured woman’s head and ran away with it”.

“That’s why I did not recognise Sbahle, because I’ve only ever seen her with her weave on. I couldn’t believe the woman stole it and didn’t offer any help,” Dube said.

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