Signs that your partner has dumped you emotionally

Leave your past where it belongs so you can make the best of the life that’s still available to be lived. Don’t wait by the word of mouth to be told that you are no longer part of his/her life. As they say, signs can tell you that he does not need you anymore. The following are signs that your partner does not need you anymore:

  • Calling you will be significantly limited, he/she will automatically stop calling or texting you. Even if you call him/her, he/she will never sound like that sweet lover you used to know. He/she has dumped you.
  • You will always be the one doing the calling and he/she will give you Lame excuse, “am so busy, will call you later “, or get angry when you keep demanding an explanation. He/she is tired of you.
  • He/she avoids you online. I reallywonder why most people can’t read between the lines. When he/she sees you online, he/she doesn’t say a word unlike before when he/she was the first to chat. He/she now sees you as a baggage.
  • Don’t force yourself to him/her because you deserve someone better. Don’t force yourself to be his/her number two when you can comfortably be another one’s number one.
  • The worst mistake you can do is to give in so easily. After sleeping with you, he/she will start avoiding you, and you will be the one doing the calling, texting and then you wonder as you beg, “Why are you so quite?” Don’t be cheap.
  • When he/she was pursuing you, he/she was actively seeking you, calling you every minute, texting you seriously and looking for you always. But after getting you on bed, he/she will start withdrawing slowly since you have given him/her what he/she wanted. Don’t beg.
  • Don’t cry, force yourself or die for a partner who left you for someone else. That’s madness, he/she will come to your funeral with his/her new partner and eat rice, and you will be forgotten. There are more great men.
    Dear partners, know your worth. Don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s over, you deserve a partner who will make you feel like a happiest person on earth, not treating you like a tissue.
  • When your partner has done something that you did not like, don’t be the first one to say sorry. You did not do anything wrong. If your partner values you he/she will apologise immediately. Don’t sorry sorry for your partner’s wrong.
  • No more “I love you baby”. Just know that he/she is thinking about someone else. You are the only one who say so each and every time you are together. Relationship is for 2 partners, if one is no longer interested it is no longer a relationship but a battle for one partner to ask themselves the reason.
  • Asking him/her if they really love you means that you have noticed some changes and you are worried. Why all of a sudden there are changes? You are no longer part of his/her plan going forward. It is time you do the same or seek for happiness somewhere else.

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