South Africa Kwaito fans missed Dr. Mageu

Dr. Mageu was one of the best Kwaito artist. He was more than good in the South African music industry and kwaito fans really miss him a lot. He used to entertain us with his style of singing and dancing. He was also part of the TKZee Family. The group was formed by Zwai Bala and it included his brother Loyiso, Sbu, Kabelo, Tokollo, Dr. Mageu, and Gwayza.

Dr. Mageu also had a few albums as a solo artist. There are a few songs that I remember on one of his albums. He also played a big role in the development of kwaito genre. South African music would have not been this good without his contribution. He represented the township culture in the music industry and we can now see his influence of township artists in the music industry today. A lot of current South African musicians are free to be themselves in the industry because of his unchanged township culture style.

A lot of us would have liked to see more of his contribution to the industry but it was not to be as he passed away while we were still looking forward to hear more of him in the music industry. He was respected as a musician and a lot of people loved him including myself and you.

I still play his music a lot of times and a lot of youngsters who never got to listen to his music are interested in hearing more from him but unfortunately his music is limited as it is not easy to get his copies nowadays. He was also good when performing live in gigs and other music festivals. We will always respect him even in his permanent absence in the music industry.

He was tough when it comes to confrontations with people who hated him but that did not make him a bad artist. It was who he was and there was no one who was going to change him. All we care about was his music talent and we still hope that one day the country will be able to have another him in the form of all new coming artists in the music industry, especially in the kwaito genre. He was one of the people who was against the introduction of house music in the country.

He believed kwaito was the only South African music which represented all people in the country. Although a lot of people used to say that he was a bit vulgar in his lyrics, he was being himself, he was not against anyone or swearing anyone. He was just being himself not trying to emulate anyone from within the country and overseas.

He was one of the artist who would tell it as it was and he never backed backwards when coming to express his feelings about certain behaviors when it comes to the music industry. Dr. Mageu was a special artist in the industry, if you would remember him very well, he used to tell a lot of artist whom he left were not fit enough to be in the kwaito genre, but only through music not personally.

We really miss Dr. Mageu and we only hope one day we will have another Dr. Mageu in the South African music industry.

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