South Africa’s Trevor Noah accused of stealing jokes

In an interview with radio star Sway, Canadian comedian Russel Peters accused Trevor Noah of stealing his material.

It started when Sway mentioned that Trevor is one of his favourite comedians.

“Why? If you’re a fan of me, you don’t need to be a Trevor Noah fan. Thieving motherf*****,” Russel reacted, adding: “go review the f****** tapes.”

Mentioning that it has happened on more than one occasion, Russel said that he called Trevor out on it before: “I thought he would stop and it continued.”

The Canadian star asked the Sway in the Morning team to “watch him [Trevor] do his Russian bit, verses me doing my Russian bit,” referring to a joke he told, saying that his joke came out before Trevor’s special.

“When I called him he said, ‘which joke did I steal?’. How many jokes have you stolen if you gotta say which one?” He concluded when asked about confronting Trevor.

Channel24 reached out to Trevor Noah for comment. We will update this story with his reply.

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