Teams that will face relegation from the PSL at the end of the 2016/17 season

The 2016/17 Premier Soccer League (PSL) season is about to get underway on the 23rd August 2016. All 16 teams are ready and hoping for the best in the new campaign. Although all teams will be playing in the PSL, there are teams that are going to be relegated to the National First Division (NFD) or play in the playoffs that will determine whether they will be relegated or stay in the PSL. Let us look at the teams that are candidates for the relegation zone.

  1. Highlandspark

As the Highlandspark team is still new in the PSL, it is going to be difficult for them to secure their status at the end of the 2016/17 PSL season. Another factor would be how they qualified to be in the PSL. They gained promotion through the playoffs which means that they failed to win the NFD title.

Although the team has experienced players who previously played in the PSL, the standard of the PSL has grown in a way that it is even difficult for the so called “big 3 teams” to win against the so called “smaller teams”. Another factor is the cup competitions that are part of the PSL season. Highlandspark should focus mainly on retaining their PSL status and participate in the cup competitions without any hope of advancing to the finals as it is very tiring and discouraging for a team to go all the way to the finals and walk away with nothing.

How they could avoid relegation

If Highlandspark’s main objective would be to secure their PSL status, they must not fall in the same trap that other teams from the NFD have fallen to before, that is the changing and chopping of coaches during a debut elite season. The team should also not sign the rejected players from the PSL teams. They must use the players that helped them gain promotion and a few proven experienced players.

The team must also be able to adapt from their first game in the elite league. If not, they will struggle from the start until the end of the season and will definitely face relegation or playoffs.

  1. Free State Stars

The Free State Stars team was once in the news about the sale of the team to Morokwa Swallows. As a result they sold most of their top quality players and they are left with a few players who were not considered by other PSL teams. The fact that the current players were not aware about their future in football, they have been discouraged and left with a lot of conscious questions which will definitely demotivate them during the new PSL season. Another factor is that even if they can manage to secure the status of the team, they are still not sure what will happen at the end of the season. Whether the sale deal that fell through would be back again or not, they are not clear about their future in the team.

How they could avoid relegation

The only thing that could help the team to avoid relegation would be for players to sell themselves through great performances. The players should show other teams that they are capable of playing in the top flight of South African football. The players should motivate themselves.

  1. Maritzburg United

Maritzburg United escaped relegation through the last game of the season. The team has talented players and the way the team avoided relegation shows that the PSL is not a child’s playground. The fact that they changed coaches a few times during their 2015/16 PSL, it played a role in their poor campaign as it is very difficult for players to settle in a coach’s tactics today, the next day a new coach comes and they are expected to also settle in his tactics, on and on.

How they could avoid relegation

Maritzburg United management must stick to one coach and be able to help him build a proper team that will be able to implement his tactics and the playing style. They should also focus on getting maximum results on away games as they only go for maximum points when they are playing at home. They should be able to adapt to playing in front of a full capacity in favor of the opposition as they tend to struggle when they visit teams like Celtics, Chiefs, Pirates, and Sundowns away from home.

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