The best actor in South Africa

Ronnie Nyakale is one of the talented actors in South Africa. He is popular currently in the soapie, Generations the Legacy. The man has the talent, no doubt about that and he is very courageous to young people when it comes to acting. The man was born and brewed in Soweto, where a lot of top talent in South African acting world comes from.

Ronnie Nyakale was once an actor in the then controversial Yizo Yizo TV series. He played the role of ‘Papa Action’.  He later on resigned from the series due to pressure from family, friends and fans as they felt the role was too bad and was not giving him good popularity in the acting industry. Although Yizo Yizo won an award outside of South Africa, Ronnie was no longer part of the series then. He had left the series and was replaced by Bonginkosi Dlamini (Zola). Ronnie provided Zola with an opportunity to introduce himself to the acting industry which enabled him to establish his acting career.

When looking at Ronnie Nyakale from a distance, one would be able to pick up a bit of bullying in his roles as an actor. This is because he grew up in Soweto where bullying was one of the most popular part of young people growing up. When looking at him, one would think he was once a thug, but Ronnie was never a thug or a thief or anything bad in his life. His roles are just an experience he witnessed around Soweto while growing up as a kid. We all know that Soweto was known for all bullying and there were gangsters in the area long ago.

Ronnie’s acting talent is natural and no one else can be able to be like him. His talent is God given and the country is very grateful to have actors like him. His roles are very interesting and a lot of young actors are learning from him. Ronnie is an easy to approach guy and very friendly. According to myself, he is the best actor in the country now, although a lot of people will differ with my opinion and provide valid reasons, but to me he is the man.

Ronnie also played in a lot of movies and a few TV series in the country. He is one of the actors who deserves to act in Hollywood and I personally think that he will not disappoint if given a chance. The man has all that is needed to meet the grades in international acting. I have watched a lot of Hollywood movies where Ronnie can do much better than the actors on those movies, especially the action movies where there is bullying and gangsters.

In the current soapie on national television, he is doing well as and he has a lot of fans for his role as Cosmo, the former thug and gangster in the popularly known Alexandra Township. The role is very nice as he is the one who is against all sorts of bad behavior in the township. He is enjoying his role in the soapie.

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