The news we have been waiting for about Zola

Zola is back in the limelight at last and this is what his fans has been waiting for in a long time. He disappeared a few years ago due to speculations regarding his behavior which a lot of people questioned. At last the man who is known to a lot of people is back and will make sure he does not disappoint those who believe in him including his fans and followers.

Mzolisto as he is known to the entertainment fans in the country has had a great turn out as a Kwaito artist and also as an actor, and he also had a TV show called Zola 7, which was on national TV at SABC.

Zola has just signed a deal with Mabala Noise Entertainment. The stable also signed Nasty C and a lot other talented artists. Exactly a month after getting Riky Rick under their belt, Mabala Noise has announced that they have now signed Nasty C, DJ Finzo, Major League DJz, Gigi Lamayne, Pro (former Pro Kid), Zakwe and Zola.

Zola was very happy to be part of the stable and he promised all South Africans more great production for him. The “Umdlwembe” hit maker has great unquestionable talent which has been there for everyone to see. Surely it will be more than great to hear a new album form Zola.

Mabala Noise Entertainment has also signed radio and television personalities such as Khanyi Mbau, Mzansi’s Sexiest finalist Kay Sibiya, Letoya Makhene and Mbali Nkosi. Riky Rick said he decided to sign under Mabala Noise because he felt they are one of the few labels that are still fighting for local artists.

MNE is the successful force behind DJ Bongz, Ms Jones, Lvovo, DJ Chynaman and new rapper Du Boiz. Full list of Mabala Noise artists: Riky Rick, Nasty C, Major League DJz, Zola 7, Gigi Lamayne, L’Vovo, DJ Bongz, DJ Finzo, Pro, Du Boiz, Letoya Makhene, Khanyi Mbau, Mbali Nkosi, Kay Sibiya, Ms Jonez, Jay Spitter, Zakwe

With such great talent at the stable, it is very interesting to hear the good news about Zola adding to these talent. The entertainment industry will never be the same with the return of Zola. The man has great talent that was missing in the industry.

I was listening to one of his albums one weekend afternoon and I was very delighted to listen to good music the man gave us. His music is still the best currently compared to a lot of senseless music that is being produced nowadays. If you can listen to ‘Mdlwembe’ and compare it to a lot of recent hip-hop music, you will probably choose his song than the new crap. Not mentioning ‘Getto scandalous’, no South African rap song can be compared to it. So the question still stand “what do we do to claim our artist back to the industry?’’. Surely there must be a way forward about this issue.

As South Africans, we are really happy to receive such great news and we cannot wait to hear or see him on TV again. This is what all of us have been waiting for.

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