The red card rule to be reviewed by FIFA

I am writing this article due to a few reasons that are a concern to me regarding the current red card rule. The rule is not fair enough for all players involved in situations resulting in red card being issued. The current rule is in favor of the wrong player.

Let me illustrate what I mean by the above. The player who commits a serious foul is given a straight red card but, this is not helping the player who the serious foul was committed to as the player may be injured for a long time or for the rest of the season and sometimes it might be the end of the player’s career.

The red card issued must be an equal punishment to the player who is injured. If the player is injured for the rest of the season, then the player who injured him must also sit out for the rest of the season without playing. If the injured player will no longer play soccer for the rest of his life due to the injury, then the player who injured him must also be banned to play soccer for the rest of his life. Currently the player who commits the injury to other players are only allowed to come back and continue with their careers after a 3 match ban in most cases, while the injured players will only be able to continue with their careers only if they manage to recover from the injury

A red card due to injuring another player should have an equal punishment to the injured player, only if the player is not seriously injured then the red carded player may sit out 3 matches without playing. This will be a good discipline for all players who are rough tacklers in nature. We have lost a lot of players due to bad tackling in the game and most of the tacklers are still continuing with their careers while the tackled are struggling to play the game again or regaining full match fitness. Some tackled players even end up losing their spot in their teams due to the state of their injuries.

FIFA should look at this matter urgently. This will also reduce bad tackling in the football game. Players will feel safe and their careers will only be determined by their own performances when they are given time to prove themselves, rather than their careers to be determined by a bad tackle from a bad player. If implemented as soon as possible, we will no longer watch careless tackling which is very bad for our game. The game of football was designed to use skills and tactics, not to destroy skillful players. Some players are only in the field of play to destroy the careers of others. This must come to an end now.

Our beautiful game of football must stay beautiful all the time. Some tackles are so bad that even on TV you cannot watch the highlights of the same tackle again. Professional players should play the game clear of any unkind behavior as the game is watched by the whole family including kids. Our kids are inheriting bad omen from bad players who are allowed to continue with their careers in a professional level while they are not adding any value to the game. They should behave as role models to our kids. Our kids treat everything they see on TV as what they must always do when they are playing football, so it becomes bad when they have to emulate bad players and arguments with referees.

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