The return of the best

Rapulana Seiphemo is one of the best actors in the South African television and movies industry. He is known to his fans on national TV soapie ‘Generations the Legacy’ as Tau Mogale. His role was cut due to the fact that he was hospitalized due to an accident that happened when he was hijacked earlier this year.

Rapulana is about to make his comeback to the soapie as he has recovered from the accident and has been released from hospital. The directors of the soapie are very happy he has recovered from the accident and they cannot wait to have him back on the soapie.

On the soapie, they cut his Tau Mogale role like he was not happy with Karabo Moroka marrying another man while she was still married to him. Tau is said to be taking a break in his problems with Karabo and she now wants him back as her problems are also mounting. It looks Tau Mogale will appear from now to help Karabo through her problems as he loves her very much.

The soapie is no longer the same without Rapulana Seiphemo and viewers cannot wait to see their favorite man back. The viewership of the soapie has dropped since his absence and it is believed it will rise again as soon as he is back on the screens of the soapie. Although he is not that fit to make a full come back, he will be used on several occasions and when he has fully recovered he will be back full time on the soapie.

Rapulana Seiphemo has acted on several local movies as well and his hospitalization has also affected his roles in new movies that he was supposed to be part of. The movies, soapies and TV series he has acted on are, Gangsters’ paradise, Tsotsi, Dias Karamba, Task Force, Layla Fourie, Skeem, How to Steal 2 Million, Paradise Stop, African United, Themba, Silent Witness, God is African, Hijack Stories, Isidingo, A Reasonable Man, Tarzan and The Lost City, Generations the Legacy, Jump the Gun, and White Wedding. The man is real talent according to the statistics that are in front of you right now.

Rapulana has worked as a co-producer for a documentary, State of Emergency How to Make a Protest Movie. He has also produced 13 episodes of a TV series, Task Force. He also produced another TV series, Perfect Sishebo, Laugh Out Loud, Paradise Stop, and White Wedding. He also wrote Paradise Stop and White Wedding. Rapulana also edited the TV series, Task Force.

Having Rapulana back in full recovery will benefit all spheres of the country’s movies and TV series production. Currently loyal viewers of the soapie, generations the Legacy, cannot wait to have him back and their wait if about to be over. Surely they will be glued to their TVs as soon as they realise he is back. Gadaffi is dealing with all the issues alone without his friend Tau Mogale, which is becoming very difficult for him as the monster Jack Mogale is determined to destroy him and his family. Surely we cannot wait to have Tau Mogale back on our TV screens.

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