Top musician L’volo denies Ndlovu is his son

L’vovo would like to make it clear that he ain’t the baby daddy but people aren’t buying it and it’s kind of hilarious.

For those who don’t know Ndlovu, he is an internet sensation who’s managed to get himself a following with all of the videos that have gone viral of him.

Some even now consider him a comedian because of his slick mouth and some-what hilarious comments.

So how did his name and L’vovo collide?

Well, apart from the fact that he kind of does look like L’vovo, this video of him and Skhumba raised a lot of eyebrows for the past couple of weeks. Oh, and that Zodwa comment was such a cringeworthy moment.

A lot of people clearly began asking L’vovo if Ndlovu is his son and he made it clear that he is NOT.

…he begged for people not to start but he was too late, it had already begun.

But L’vovo was really being serious, Ndlovu isn’t his son, he realised how serious it had become after a few journalists called him, enquiring about the allegations.

Poor Thickleeyonce just had to be pulled into this situation as well.

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