Top SA Hip-Hop artist joins Touch HD Radio

AWARD-WINNING rapper AKA is living up to the old adage: when one door closes, another opens.

In a week when AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes) severed ties with his long-term management Vth Season, he also landed himself a radio slot.

Sunday Sun can today reveal that Super Mega – as AKA is known to his fans – and Vth Season agreed to go their separate ways after five years.

Sunday Sun understands that the rapper is now working with Beam, his own company.

In the statement released to the People’s Paper, the rapper announced that the AKA brand will now be managed by BEAM.

But he also paid tribute to his partnership with Vth Season, saying: “I’ve the utmost respect for the Vth Season team. Together we created magic.

“I have learnt a lot from the music industry and it’s time for me to start building my own legacy and become South Africa’s first music mogul.”

The old relationship is over, and now AKA has a new one, after jumping into bed with Touch HD radio.

He will have his own show on the online radio station. It is called the Super Mega Show and the first broadcast will be on 19 June.

Touch HD manager Martin Vilakazi confirmed that the station would have a business relationship with Super Mega.

He said: “It’s not just a show but an innovative programme that will blow people away.

“We’re a ground-breaking platform and we’ll forever be looking for opportunities to work with great creative and influential people.

“Yes, we’re talking with AKA because we hold him in very high esteem. And I can confirm that we have formed a strategic alliance and scheduled a Super Mega Show.

“As an online station, we always have to come up with a strategy to grow the business.

“This partnership with AKA is going to be tight, that I can promise. And it’s definitely going to launch this month,” he said.

Martin went on to say: “It makes a lot of sense to launch this partnership now because it is a youth-orientated programme.

“And it will branch out into different business aspects, so it won’t be focused on air only.”

Then, Martin revealed: “The hash tag will be #LessonsLearned. And this project will involve innovation created by the partnership.”

According to Martin, the online shows will be evaluated every three months to establish how well the new radio concept is working out.

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