Trevor Gumbi cleaning his life

South African comedian, Trevor Gumbi is on a 100 Day Challenge to sobriety.

Now on his 60th day, Trevor says some days are definitely harder than others.

He has given up all liquor and cigarettes and is well on his way to reach the 100th day mark.

Trevor shared on his Instagram this week that sometimes he really just wants to have a drink but has remained committed to the challenge.

“Some days are just harder than most. Just keep at it. 40 days till my #100dayChallenge ends,” he said.

Of course this isn’t the first time that Trevor has embarked on a journey to quit an unhealthy habit in his life.

The comedian has always been open about having abused drugs and the struggle to overcome the addiction.

He has now been off of drugs for several years.

However, he recently gave the country a scare when he tweeted about his funeral, leaving many fans concerned about a possible relapse.

Even some of Trevor’s own friends were concerned about a possible relapse.

But the star came out strongly to deny the allegations of a relapse.

“Just woke up to messages from “concerned friends” over #MyFuneral tweets saying I must’ve relapsed. First of all, BESIDES the fact that I was having a laugh tweeting that stuff, IF we were REAL friends you’d know that I’m FAR from that,” he said last month.

“So a person has to be high to speak of their final wishes? To make sure they don’t leave family in debt and wish to have the last gathering held in their name to run in a certain way?” he continued.

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