True talent in South African Hip Hop

Ifani is one of the talented musicians in the country right now. He has proved to all South African hip hop music industry that he is determined to go far with his talent. He has released a lot of hit songs that have given him the platform to be one of the respected and celebrated hip hop artist.

His music has also receive a lot of airplay on national and private radios. Listening to him is like listening to someone who has been awaiting a chance to grab the microphone and explode his talent to the rest of the world. His style is unique and he does not imitate any hip hop artist. He likes singing in his home language Xhosa.

I have managed to listen to everything that Ifani has offered the country and there is no doubt that I will keep on asking for more from him. His songs are real and you can feel them when playing them. I so wish that he could perform in front of my family as the kids loves him very much.

The South African hip hop industry has grown so much that we are about to get used to play only our artists each and every day. So far the quality that has been released is by far the best and there is no way we are not going to support these artists. They deserve our pat at their backs for a job well done. The industry is ready to take the world by storm.

Ifani has managed to introduce himself in a special way to South African music lovers and there is no way they would forget him. He just have to give them more top quality hip hop all the time. He has worked with a lot of people and has gained so much experience that will be able to sustain him for long if not forever to the hip hop industry.

If possible South Africans would like to hear more Ifanis each and every day. The new ones with their new productions and style. The man has infected the country with a positive music culture which will be celebrated for years and years to come. The Ifani style is loved by millions in the country especially kids.

We are awaiting all the new stuff from the talented musician and hope he will give us what we know him to give us all the time. We cannot stand disappointment from an artist of his caliber. When you mention his name to a lot of people, you will only hear excitement about him. Ifani must continue with what he does best.

His hit songs are endless. If you remember how “ingoma ezi mnandi” was like a national anthem in the country, you will realise what a talent the man is. He was also part of the “waicukucha remix” which was done by Kalawa Jazmee Records. The song was so great that everyone in the country had it on their phones, even older people. Mentioning all the projects he worked on is just a waste of time, the man is one of the pioneers of the hip hop genre in the country.

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