Uzalo actor tell fans to mind their own business about his Joburg Zulu

If you thought that your negative words and criticism of actor, Masoja Msiza bother him, think again.

The actor has come out to make it clear that all of the negative things being said about him not only don’t bother him, but he isn’t even focused on other people.

Mind your own business, in essence.

Masoja, who plays Nkunzi on SABC 1’s Uzalo, spoke to TshisaLive about all of the criticism he has received since joining the show.

“I always say you are the one criticising me, but let us look at our gravestones. Mine will have all my accolades, yours will say ‘what are you looking at?'” he told the publication.

He also spoke to the publication about those who are judging his speaking of “Joburg Zulu” instead of the “authentic” KZN Zulu on Uzalo.

“There are people that detect that I speak Joburg Zulu and criticise it. It doesn’t bother me because even if I know only Joburg Zulu, at least it is still Zulu. I think that people must stop criticising it because I taught myself and many (people) have embraced me,” the actor said.

He went on to say that the show has helped catapult his career to new heights, which has allowed him to reach out to and touch many people.

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