Venrap at its best

South African Hip-hop music has been growing for a few years now. We are very proud of the quality of hip-hop music that we have in the country so far due to hard work by artists, producers and promoters. Venrap music is also part of the South African Hip-hop music industry.

Venrap is hip-hop in mostly Venda language and there are a lot of venrap artists. This music genre has been growing for a few years also and there are still a lot of upcoming artists on venrap. There are artists like Killah-Gee, Myzophyll, Bomo, Coolfelo, Ramzeey, Kashflow, Mac J, C Jay, Easy T, Comzero, Faceboy, Fizzy, Manana, ProHeed, Bhamba, Prifix, Racha Kill and a lot others who are enjoying the fruits of being venrap artists.

One of successful venrap artists Killah Gee is regarded as the king of venrap by many although he is yet to win major venrap award. Killah Gee’s real name is Mpfulufhedzeni Gideon Mamuthamani. He was born in Lwamondo village in Venda. Killah gee is living with a disability that was caused by Polio. Killah Gee has dropped a lot of albums to his name so far and he has received a lot of airplay countrywide. He is one of the artists who are determined to take venrap to the global audience. He started rapping in 1998 and was influenced by the one and only Tupac Shakur. He is dreaming of building a school music one day to help young talented kids to start their journey with skills and knowledge about venrap.

Another successful venrap artist is Myzo Phyll. The raper was born in Shayandima, Venda on the 18th October 1986. He also has a lot of albums that he released. He is regarded as the king of venrap by his followers and he has proved that by winning a few venrap awards. Myzo is very talented and he has his own style of rapping. His real name is Livhuwani Takalani Aubrey Ratshiungo.

Vanrap music is growing and will one day reach the stage where it is recognized in the whole African continent. A lot of radio stations around the country are now playing venrap on a daily basis including the number one station for the youth, YFM 99.2. The station is known to give all rappers in the country a platform to showcase their talents. A lot of popular hip-hop artists started doing free style at the station before getting themselves multimillion rand deals.

The venrap artists has managed to put Limpopo province on the map regarding hip-hop music in the province and the rest of the country. The province did not have hip-hop music before venrap. Nowadays there are a lot of artists in the province who are rapping in their own languages which are Xitsonga and Sepedi. The platform to give them a chance to showcase their talents through their own languages was made easy by the growing of venrap in the South African music industry. We are now very proud to listen to hip-hop in our own South African languages and we must never forget to thank the people who started venrap.

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