We all miss Zola

Mzolisto as he is known to his fans and a lot of South Africans, is one of the few South Africans with a lot of talents. The man can sing, dance, act, and he was also a poet, not forgetting that he was one of the best motivators in the country.

As Zola’s fans, surely we miss him and sometimes I wish he could be given another chance to make a comeback. No one is perfect in this life, but we all need that second chance to show how grown up we are, and also to teach the young ones about life through experience. Yes I agree there are things we cannot control, but we cannot also just loose this kind of talent.

I sometimes ask myself about the current status of Kwaito. What would Kwaito be like if Mzolisto was still involved? Surely the kwaito would still be at the top with the talent that he possess. We should ask ourselves as his fans “what is it that we should do to make sure he gets back to where he was as one of the best entertainers in the country?’’. We cannot just loose such a talent and folds our hands and pretend like we do not miss him.

I was listening to one of his albums one weekend afternoon and I was very delighted to listen to good music the man gave us. His music is still the best currently compared to a lot of senseless music that is being produced nowadays. If you can listen to ‘Mdlwembe’ and compare it to a lot of recent hip-hop music, you will probably choose his song than the new crap. Not mentioning ‘Getto scandalous’, no South African rap song can be compared to it. So the question still stand “what do we do to claim our artist back to the industry?’’. Surely there must be a way forward about this issue.

Yes we have heard a lot about his bad side and we cannot argue with those, but personally I can say I know a bit about the man. I used to meet him while I was working as an officer at Parkview Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Parkview. The man used to visit the shopping centre there and he would sit with us discussing a few things in life and he would be motivating us including himself not to give up in life. He was a very friendly guy from what I witnessed in his personality. There is nothing bad I encountered about Mzolisto. Until today I still remember a few motivations he gave us as security guards in Parkview.

Mzolisto deserve another chance in South African entertainment industry. He is one of us and we cannot drag him through the mud for the rest of his life. Why can we forget about Zola 7, the TV show he had on national television? What was the show about? Why cannot South Africa also help him through this time when he needs us? Even Dr. Phil and Oprah are not perfect. They do have their bad side but I don’t think American would just throw them away forever because of their bad side. Come on South Africa, let us show the world we can forgive indeed. We really miss Zola.

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